Only thing I've added are some talon grips. I suppose there are some disadvantages to a steel slide on a polymer frame, and this is one of them. Or vice versa. P320C vs Glock 19 (or 23) for concealed carry. Video. Yes it is "snappy" but with proper grip it's easy to get the sights back on target. Clearly, either holds enough cartridges on tap for any foreseeable difficulty. Both guns are virtually identical unless you read the designations on each gun. A Glock 19 is a semi-automatic pistol which shoots 9mm Luger ammunition. But in actual combat, the 9mm ammo has left something to be desired, which is why the .40 S&W was invented for U.S. officials. As a no-nonsense gun, the stock sights do the job well enough, but I’d definitely recommend getting some aftermarket sights, especially if you plan to be able to use the firearm in low-light situations. Despite the increased felt recoil, which I’ll discuss in-depth later, the firearm remains as accurate as any other Glock I’ve used. Image: Sgt. When it comes to Glock 17 vs 19, there are not many differences, since in many ways the model 19 was literally just a shorter version of the G17.But the 26 is a different story. I know .40 is less expensive than .357 sig … One thing I’m worried about is how the larger caliber might increase wear on the gun compared to the 9mm of a Glock 19. Their magazines also look the same. Glock 43 vs. Glock 43X. The PF940Cv1 is compatible with Glock® 19/23/32 frame components. The Glock 23 features a trigger safety system, requiring full purchase to depress the trigger. While it may not be as easy to handle as the 19, the Glock 23 uses .40 caliber pistol ammunition, offering much more stopping power. As a private owner, you’ll find that the Glock 23 serves as the perfect option for a no-nonsense pistol for home defense or everyday carry. Law enforcement firearms need to work every time. Shop for Low Price Glock 19 Vs 23 Which Is Better And Glock 23 40 Cal Grips .Price Low and Options of Glock 19 Vs 23 Which Is Better And Glock 23 40 Cal Grips f One feature of the Glock 23 is the interchangeable magazine release catch, which you can move to whichever side is more comfortable for you. Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Revolver Ocelot, Nov 16, 2009. ? In the end, the question of Ruger Security 9 vs Glock 19 comes down to how you see yourself using your gun. This made it harder for me to quickly line up the sights after a shot, and it took some getting used to. (The G43X has the same slide length as the original G43 of 6.06″.) There are a couple factors in play that make this a hard choice between the two. At the end of the day, the best safety is one’s own situational awareness and discipline. A Glock 23 is a semi-automatic pistol which shoots.40 S&W caliber ammunition. The Glock 19 comes with two 15-round stock mags while the Glock 23 comes with two 13-round stock mags. The adage “buy once, cry once” is 100% true. This is lighter in weight when unloaded, but the recoil weight is one pound heavier versus the 17. My first Glock was a 23. As stated earlier, the Glock 23 is physically identical to the Glock 19, having the exact same dimensions and empty weight. Glock has a well-earned reputation for making guns that you can trust your life with and the Glock 23 is no exception. Comparing the Glock 43X vs. Glock 43, they have the same frame, the slide is slightly longer (6.85″) on the G48 than the 43X. The lower cost of a Ruger Security 9 allows you to buy more ammo, training and other gear. 23 24 vote(s) 28.9% 19 59 vote(s) 71.1% Thread Status: Not open for further replies. The greater the angle, the greater the pull weight. Personal protection guns need to work every time. glock. Outfitted with .40 caliber ammo, the Glock 23 offers a solid middle-ground between the ease of use of the Glock 19 and the stopping power of larger calibers. I've shot about 500 rounds in the first 2 weeks I've had it. Both the 43X and G48 have a grip that’s slightly larger than the original G43. You get used to it fast. There isn’t really a world of difference between 15 rounds of 9mm vs. 13 rounds of.40 S&W. Essentially just the caliber of round fired. Reliability. The “Baby Glock” model 26 was released in 1995, as a subcompact version of the 9X19mm. As such, the magazine of the 23 holds fewer rounds (13) compared to the Glock 19 (15 rounds). In his free time, he reviews optics on his Scopes Field blog. Page 1 of 2 1 2 … On the 2nd of January 2018, at precisely 9:00 a.m. EST, Glock announced its newest arrival the Glock 19X. The 23 has significant muzzle flip as the steel slide moves backwards and then forwards into place. THE .40 CALIBER GLOCK 23 WILL SHOOT 9MM LUGER AMMUNITION (BADLY & DANGEROUSLY), LESSONS LEARNED – DON’T MIX UP YOUR GLOCK 19/23 AMMO & MAGAZINES, The 8 Best Rifle Scope Under 1000 Review 2020, Best Long Range Rifle Scopes For Your Money. First Glock, 19 vs 22 Haven't posted in a while, but I have been reading and keeping up with things here. Some people accept nothing other than a 9x19mm Glock, and if you're going to carry one on the daily, that inevitably leads to deciding between the Glock 19 vs. 26.Both of these pistols are wildly popular among police officers and civilian carriers. While seemingly identical to the Glock 19 when you first grip it, the Glock 23 sets itself apart as soon as you pull the trigger. SHOOTING 9MM LUGER AMMO IN A .40 CALIBER GLOCK 23? With that said, there’s no other bullet as cheap and plentiful as 9mm, so it’s not the most fair comparison. Empty weight measures 21.16 oz, same as the G19, whereas a loaded magazine makes the G23 slightly heavier in comparison. Take a peek in basically any gun store, and they'll have both of them behind the counter. I have both. Got a 19 later and went I went shooting with both of them at the same time I couldn't stop shooting my 19. Still, in a defense situation the added stopping power of the .40 caliber round should more than make up for the slower rate of fire of the Glock 23. Can someone explain to me if there is any benefits of any kind in purchasing a Glock 23 vs. 32 and then purchasing the other barrel? The Glock 23 comes with a plastic three-dot sight (one in the front, two in the back). Would also like to purchase a 19 barrel so you can shoot 3 calibers with one gun basically. The sights are easy to line up, and the plain, no-nonsense design of the pistol makes it easier to grip and handle. The recoil on the Glock 23 is what really set it apart from the Glock 19, to me. The reason the Glock 23 was designed was to recreate a pistol that was dependable and usable as the Glock 19, but outfit it with a larger caliber, the .40 round. Like the Glock 19, then, the G23 is large enough to handle well, with a comfortable 4-inch barrel. That seems in line with all the other Glocks I’ve owned and used throughout the years, so I’m not surprised in the least. 40 was the first caliber I shot and I enjoyed it more than the 9, but after that day I enjoy the 9 more. Glock vs Springfield Armory is a War. In comparison to the 19, the Glock 23 is more expensive and more difficult to use. Keep the 23 in 40S&W, buy a glock 357SIG barrel (an even better cartridge, which drops in and uses the same magazines), and buy an after market 9mm drop in conversion barrel and a couple of 9mm magazines for the glock 19 (they will fit in your 23). The former because it’s kind of the compact/carry gun by which all others are judged and the latter because it offers a blend of concealment with decent capacity all featuring GLOCK Perfection. His work has appeared in large publications like The Armory Life, Daily Caller, American Shooting Journal, and more. The G23 is a 9mm designed pistol, adapted to shoot 40. The muzzle flip really worked my wrist throughout the day, and was something that took me by surprise when using a gun that’s identical to the Glock 19. Raymond Figueroa, a reconnaissance Marine with the Force Reconnaissance Detachment, 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit, sights in on his target during a pistol qualification aboard the amphibious assault ship USS Makin Island (LHD 8), Feb. 10, 2015.(U.S. Demetrius Morgan/Released), © Copyright 2020 Center for the National Interest All Rights Reserved. The Glock 19 9mm features a 15-round magazine while the Glock 23.40 caliber pistol carries 13 rounds in the magazine. Choosing a Sight for Your Polymer80 Pistol. All Rights Reversed. A Glock 19 costs more, but it will do more for you (much more) over the long term. Glock may be the big name, but the Glock vs Springfield Armory battle is much more intense between serious firearms enthusiasts. The Glock 19 would be advantageous in states that allow for magazines above 10 rounds. Marine Corps photos by Cpl. Some people wonder if they should get a GLOCK 19 vs 26. The Glock 23 measures smaller and lighter than the Glock 22, which uses the same .40 caliber rounds in a larger frame and magazine. If you have a shorter barrel, drawing it from your holster will be much quicker compared to other models. Richard Douglas is a firearms expert and educator. Using .40-inch rounds adds a full millimeter in diameter to each bullet, and the effect on recoil is immediately noticeable. The Glock 19X Compared To The Glock 19 Gen 5 The Glock 19X Compared To The Glock 19 Gen 5. August 30, 2018 Guest Guest Post, Guns, Pistol, Semi Automatic Pistol. Just different chamberings. The dependability and ease of use of a Glock with a higher-caliber bullet make this an excellent tool for self-defense. Also identical to the Glock 19 is the 5.5 trigger pull. Now you have three guns in one, or just get the 9mm barrel and mags if your just interested in a 9mm. This has a shorter barrel than the 17, measured at 102mm. P320C vs Glock 19 (or 23) for concealed carry. level 1 In terms of price, the Glock 23 is certainly a step up from the Glock 19, with regards to the gun as well as its ammunition. Glock 17 pistol. The .40 caliber ammo, though, will cost you at least twice as much as buying 9mm rounds. If you’re ever in a situation where you’re forced to defend yourself, you don’t have time to check a manual safety, and the Glock 23’s trigger safety is designed with that situation in mind. Sig P229 (.357) vs. Glock 23 (.40 Cal) 06-25-2001, 03:41 PM Knowing that there are fans of both Glock and Sig Sauer here on this board, and not wanting to incite an arguement, I would like your opinions of the Law Enforcement use of these weapons. The GLOCK 19 in 9 mm Luger is ideal for a versatile role thanks to its reduced dimensions when compared to the standard sized option. The GLOCK 23 combines compact dimensions for both open and concealed carry, with minimum weight, despite its substantial magazine capacity in 40 S&W caliber. While not as simple as an ambidextrous release, this feature is still nice for the southpaws out there. Above you have A generation 3 Glock 19 … But in actual combat, the 9mm ammo has left something to be desired, which is why the .40 S&W was invented for U.S. officials. Often outshone by the much more popular Glock 19, the higher-caliber Glock 23 still has plenty to offer for the discerning shooter. The increased power is the main reason why police departments all over the country assign the G23 over the G19, but the advantages of the weapon aren’t only for those in uniform. Compare the dimensions and specs of Glock G19 Gen5 and CZ 75 Compact How to Mill a Polymer80 Frame. Great gun right out of the box. For years, both have been proven effective for self defense. It doesn’t include a manual safety, which is part of its design as a defense weapon. Finally, we take a look at the 19. With an MSRP of $600, the Glock 23 is still fairly affordable. Poll closed Nov 23, 2009. Glock 19 vs. Glock 23 The real difference is in magazine capacity. Returns will not be accepted once the receiver is modified in any way. But those drawbacks come with a much-needed increase in stopping power, making this pistol an incredibly effective option as a service pistol. I currently have no children in the house so I tend to have a gun nearby in rooms where I spend the most time. Well, first and foremost, we must note that the Glock 19 brings way more versatility to the table than the Glock 26. Big Book Catalog, Issue:72, Page:213. Glock 23 vs Glock 19. This is a discussion on P320C vs Glock 19 (or 23) for concealed carry within the P250, P320, & P320 X-5 Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Pistols category; Originally Posted by neverenuffsig Glock is a no frills gun. The Glock 19 is popular for a reason. In any case, time will tell, and so far Glock’s pistols have stood the test of time. Stuff : https://edwinsarkissian.comInsta : Jump to Latest Follow 21 - 40 of 42 Posts ... Glock 23 is a much poorer choice, to me, than a P320 40. The Glock 19 is popular for a reason: cheap, easy-to-use, and widely available, Glock has made itself a household name. It measures 7.36” x 5.04” x 1.26” overall, with the Glock’s “signature” boxy shape. Nope. In my usage of the weapon, it’s had zero malfunctions whatsoever. I personally own two 1911s, a variety of Berettas, Tauruses, Kel-Tecs and some other brands I’d rather not admit, but my GLOCK sits within arm’s reach most of the time. I’ve put about 4,00… The Glock 23 is a mid-sized.40 caliber pistol, and the Glock 19 is the mid-sized 9mm counterpart. The size and shape of the Glock 23 is identical to that of the Glock 19. It is not an enjoyable pistol for me to shoot. The size and shape of the Glock 23 is identical to that of the Glock 19. That said I really think .40 recoil is VASTLY over rated in all but the itty bitty guns. In the standard Glock trigger mechanism, it is the angle of the ramp on the trigger connector that primarily determines the trigger pull weight. Glock trigger connectors are manufactured with three different angles, and all three connectors fit any Glock 19, 23… This makes it more suitable for concealed carry, while maintaining the accuracy and stopping power of a full pistol. My kitchen gun is a GLOCK. Shop for Glock 23 Vs 19 Review And How To Change Sights On Glock 23 Gen 4 Glock 23 Vs 19 Review And How To Change Sights On Glock 23 Gen 4 Ads Immediately . The Glock 23 was my first handgun purchase. The GEN 3 and earlier Glock 23 is snappier then the competition mostly because it was a 9mm scaled up not a .40 scaled down to 9mm so to speak. 23 and 19 are the same gun. All warranty issues will be directed to the manufacturer. While I support any feature in a firearm that reduces the risk of accidental discharge, I appreciate the simple-but-effective design of a trigger safety.
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