The Academy suggests, seemingly counter-intuitively, that getting closer to magpies may help. Magpies seem to have very good memories and have attacked the same people over subsequent seasons and others they just leave alone. Visit the Swooping Magpie Safety Tips page a full list of tips! The way Magpies get portrayed, you’d think every one of them in Australia swooped! … A peewee hovered above me while cycling. Assuming they aren't aggressive I kept going, then felt a whack as it flew into my right ear. No blood but did hurt. An angry little bird. I was just bike riding along the beach when all of a sudden the magpie started squawking at me and then flew straight in front of my face and went up to a nearby tree, it was about to do it again but it just stayed there. Magpie attack on Walker - 27 Hobart Rd, Murrumbeena VIC 3163, Magpie attack on Cyclist - Creek Rd at Carindale Tennis Centre, stop 46, Carina QLD 4152, Magpie attack on Walker - Jacka Park, Wyndora Ave, Freshwater NSW 2096, Magpie attack on Cyclist - 136 Spring St, Middle Ridge QLD 4350, Magpie attack on Cyclist - 2 Pacific Parade, Bilinga QLD 4225. If you are swooped while cycling get off of your bicycle, a large number of injuries reported on are caused by accidents where cyclists fall off during an attack. But the species is protected by law and can only be dealt with by local authorities. It also states that cycling is the most magpie … Watch the brand new series It's A Sin now on Stan. Below is a short list of safety tips that we've collected over the past 7 seasons from our readers that may help with preventing and avoiding a swooping magpie attack. They're trying to keep the chicks safe and get the threat out of the territory. Investigators are looking into the incident, but magpies are known to "swoop" around strangers during mating season — and can even become aggressive and attack … Visit the Swooping Magpie Safety Tips page a full list of tips! While Magpie Season “officially” runs from July to November, the beginning of Spring is when we traditionally see the swooping action begin through Brisbane’s suburbs. While it's no doubt cold comfort for people who have a territorial magpie on their block, swoopers are actually quite rare. Copyright © 2021 Magpie Alert! Your submission will appear here and in our stories section. Magpie Swooping Season Magpies usually breed during Spring every year, and it's during this time that their protective swooping behaviour is in full force. Spring is widely known as the ‘swooping season’ in Australia when magpies attack humans and other birds if they stray too close while their fledglings hatch and nest, Reuters reported. I faced off against the M7 magpie and won! But those first balmy days also portend a far darker time, when the nation's stocks of googly eyes and pipe cleaners run low in an attempt to outfox an avian menace. Magpies tend to swoop for about six weeks as their mate incubates the eggs and while the chicks are very young. The first sign of Magpie Season are the warning signs the Council puts up at bus stops in a … Automatic alerting of new attacks in your area by email. A bloody magpie attack on a Victorian man last week made headlines across the country and got everyone talking. And as an extra note of caution, the South Australian Department of the Environment warns that magpies can remember you as a threat for up to five years. Magpies, like their corvid cousin crows, are clever birds and remember faces. But I can tell you ours are aggressive. Having been attacked the previous week I'm not afraid to admit that I was a wee bit hesitant! Editor, MagpieAlert, See our easy to follow guide for help on how to post swoops magpies on, $4.00 Kincrome 25 Piece 370x4.8mm Natural Cable Tie Pack. A bike rider has died while trying to avoid a bird in Wollongong on Sunday, as Australia moves into prime swooping season. If you have any good tips then we will add them to our helpful safety tips sections. offers attacks statistics and percentages by state, with Queensland magpies leading the way as the most savage in 2020. Magpies are more likely to attack … If you can spot where the nest is, be sure to move away from it - but not too quickly. Lawrence Orel from the National Parks and Wildlife Service told that in many cases, magpies who swooped had often been provoked in previous seasons. If they feel threatened, they swoop and even attack people if they get to close. "It's … We've been so busy this season, here's a collection of news articles and interviews with Swooping Magpie Safety Tips. If you've ever seen a magpie turn its head to the side while walking across grass, it's probably homing in on the location of its lunch. Warn other people where the magpies are swooping locally by. If it's attacked you before probably a good idea to use an alternative route next season! In an attempt to avoid the bird’s attack, the man dramatically swerved from the path, the man hit a fence post and fell to the ground. Your web browser is no longer supported. If you are persistently calm and don't respond to swooping with anything that might be perceived as a threat - such as waving your arms, a stick or an umbrella - the magpies will often swiftly learn you don't pose a danger. Magpie swooping season happened between July and November where the birds spend weeks keeping watch over their nests. Basic prevention tactics include carrying an open umbrella, or wearing sunglasses and a broad-brimmed hat. During nesting, … I put my foot to the pedals and sped up, he came back for more and eventually gave up after about 150m. Remember to keep facing the bird as you walk out of their territory some birds will swoop as soon as you look away. I was on my usual 60km Sunday cycle route, cycling minding my own business when suddenly there was a snapping at my ear. Face the magpie they tend to attack from behind so facing them should avert an attack. Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy. Watch the magpie whilst walking away quickly – magpies are less likely to swoop if you look at them. This is not the case. Stay calm. Mr Orel said it was important to remember that the magpies were only acting on instinct. Australia's social website to track aggressive swooping magpies in your area. This season alone, there have been an estimated 3,000 swoopings, mostly between August and mid-October, resulting in about 400 injuries, according to … "Swooping is a territorial behaviour for nest defence, which starts in Spring. Magpies who swoop from the back wound people much more rarely than those which attack head on, when horrific injuries including eye damage can be inflicted. Feel free to submit a review and pictures of your attempts to outwit and beat the magpies! Thank you! Magpies are urban species too, so there is generally no escaping them but you can try to prevent and avoid a magpie attack by following these tips. Specifically, befriending them. If you are a cyclist, walker, runner or maybe a concerned member of the public then help protect others and share swooping magpie attacks on-line here! Adding your own stories to our stories and reviews section. Even rarer are attacks designed to wound rather than intimidate. However, during other times of the year, they usually stay calm. Below is a short list of safety tips that we've collected over the past 7 seasons from our readers that may help with preventing and avoiding a swooping magpie attack. Magpie Attack Season! We are of course talking about magpie swooping season, and standing on the precipice of it, here's what you should know about what's coming. Now, I’m no ornithologist, (had to look that one up) as those of you who have read my post Oh No! Auto News: Skoda sales hit 1.24 million in 2019 - ... As the spring swooping season takes flight so does the growing number of injuries. For the first time since the competition's beginnings, Collingwood's forward line will not feature Sarah D'Arcy, and her move to Richmond is ushering in a new-look attack for the Pies. But here are a few tricks to get you through swooping season unscathed – and a few classic tactics that don’t work. That might seem like a long time to avoid being dive-bombed in your own backyard, but there'll be plenty of sunshine left to enjoy after it's over, usually some time in November. "Whether you are cycling, walking, running, skateboarding or just in your back yard we want to hear from you! Read what happens of my return journey... Well did my cable tied helmet work? All rights reserved. Don’t let your pet attack birds as this may trigger swooping. More On If you would like to contribute to magpiealert then please sign up. Gippsland man flown to Melbourne hospital after magpie attack leaves him with injuries to both eyes. If you feel a magpie is a serious menace, it should be reported to your local council. So please take some time and record your attack here. And you can track what swoopers other people have spotted online at, Channel Nine weatherman pulls body from water at Gold Coast beach, Legendary actor Christopher Plummer dies aged 91, Hundreds protest Myanmar coup with 'Hunger Games sign'. Here’s how you can protect yourself. Magpies can hear the sound of grubs and worms under the ground. A man in New South Wales has died after attempting to dodge an attack from a magpie, marking an especially tragic start to Australia's annual "swooping season."
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